Key Safety Announces Partnership to Offer Fat Finger ™ Technology

Key Safety Announces Partnership to Offer Fat Finger ™ Technology

Key Safety Announces Partnership to Offer Fat Finger ™ Technology

A New Key Technology for Competency & Compliance Assurance


In this environment of low oil prices and increasingly more stringent regulatory requirements to prove competency, many companies are taking the opportunity to re-evaluate how they develop and assure competency.  Companies spanning the Oil & Gas vertical have long struggled with processes that more efficiently meet PSM, SEMS and DOT requirements for proving and maintaining competency qualifications as a matter of regulatory compliance.  

Key Safety has partnered with SEE Forge to leverage their unique Fat Finger™ application to bridge a functionality gap for skills verification across the Oil & Gas vertical.  The Fat Finger™ technology is designed to significantly improve workflow efficiency at the field level by allowing for task-oriented templates (e.g. Inspection Procedures, Troubleshooting, Incident Reporting, etc.) to be developed in an easy drag and drop fashion to capture real-time data across the enterprise.  No need to be an IT programmer and it is immediately available for use across an enterprise using a diverse platform of intrinsically safe devices: laptops, tablets and smart phones.  This includes standardizing critical data capture processes such as: Automate Energy Value Chain Pic (1)


The beauty of the inherent design and flexibility of the application to rapidly automate the critical workflows referenced above also make it ideal for structuring skills field verification templates. Each competency verification task-set can begin with the ability to present learning media (e.g. YouTube, training videos), followed by step-by-step skill-based checkpoints, complete with photo verification and witness signature capture.

Companies not only have the ability to present skill development exercises in a consistent standardized fashion across the enterprise, they can now rapidly build easy to follow and replicate best-practice methodologies. This includes capturing and integrating visual aids such as photos of potential risk.


Field to Plant Decisions Pic

The Fat Finger™ application is cloud based and can operate in stand-alone fashion or integrated with learning management and/or ERP enterprise systems:

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Key Safety is proud to be able to offer such a truly unique technology as Fat Finger that delivers existing, tangible solutions that help create a blended approach to competency development and assurance. This is a must have technology for companies wanting ‘nuggetized’, smaller chunks of learning content (in various modalities) coupled with the ability to quickly apply that new knowledge in a skills development/application and validation capacity.

There are many content development companies scrabbling to develop 3D training and gaming avatars, but we have not seen any technology to date that easily addresses the critical skills development and validation component required to truly form and change behaviors. Fat Finger™ delivers….contact us for demo.