Industrial Safety Services

We approach our client’s needs with a Servant’s Heart.

Our value to our customers is a comprehensive consultative perspective in developing and managing safety programs. We leverage our industrial career experience to accurately match innovative industrial safety solutions with client’s safety challenges to ultimately reduce employee exposure, risk of injury and meet regulatory compliance demands.

The Key to Safety

Key Safety is an authority on managing safety programs efficiently and effectively. Our safety services are backed by 30 years of combined experience in the industries we serve and has afforded us the understanding that the key to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) saving employees from injury or death is to wear it. Despite a company’s’ efforts to enforce the use of PPE, there is still a significantly high percentage of safety observations conducted annually that cite workers not wearing the appropriate PPE for the task at hand.

Why? Non-use or under protection is consistently due to uncomfortable and movement constricting PPE.

With a multitude of suppliers and brands to consider, Key Safety is dedicated to providing the most comfortable high performance PPE that effectively meets our client’s safety and compliance standards.

Our Service Standards:

  • High level expertise in uniform and flame-resistant (FR) garments through personal experience and by keeping up-to-date with current innovations in safety and protective technology
  • Understanding of the health and financial benefits in replacing potentially hazardous chemicals to promote safety in the workplace with bio-degradable degreasers and cleaners
  • Urgent and competitive response
  • Transparency and honest consultation for the best product solution without vendor bias
  • Integrity and fairness beyond reproach in business proceedings
  • Support and engagement among partners in business with the same ideals

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