Fire Resistant Clothing Direct Purchase Program

Our Direct Purchase Program’s Value

We make your FR program simple and hassle free:

  • First we make it a priority to understand the operational risks and challenges your employees face.
  • We then present the FR fabric technology options that best fit your protection and budget needs.
  • Once you have chosen your FR fabric, we provide consultation of customization options.
  • We set up a measuring process for accurate and consistent fit of employees.
  • We then set up an ordering process by phone, email or online store, and your garments arrive in 7 – 10 business days.

We offer a stocking service to alleviate the burden of housing your Fire Resistant Clothing and free up valuable space on your property. No hidden fees, missing garments or contracts to worry about.

An Alternative to Standard Rental Programs

Many times rental program customers are led to believe that for a low weekly rental fee they receive benefits such as laundering, regular inspection, repair and replacement of their garments.  However, FR rental programs have hidden fees such as Loss/Replacement charges for damaged or non-returned garments.  In most cases, customers will be charged the full price of a new FR garment for replacing old ones due to normal wear and tear.

The perception that Fire Resistant Clothing rental programs are less expensive and reduce liability compared to direct purchase programs can be deceiving. When the true cost of a rental program comes to light, customers find that they are tied to long term contracts and can be locked in for the term of the agreement.

Contact Us today for more information on how to convert from a FR Garment Rental Program to our Direct Purchase Program.