Over 75% of CAL/OSHA inspections per month are triggered by either an employee complaint or a workplace accident. This often leads to costly fines or citations, increased workers compensation costs, decreased employee morale, and lost productivity.

We are your single source for everything you need to maintain compliance with CAL/OSHA and CAL/EPA regulations.

We help you maintain a safe, productive workplace. Monthly program support and training options are available to help keep your time requirement to a minimum. 

If you could save money, improve productivity, and increase employee morale, would you?

Businesses spend $170 billion a year on costs associated with occupational injuries and illnesses -- expenditures that come straight out of company profits. But workplaces that establish safety and health management systems can reduce their injury and illness costs by 20 to 40 percent. In today's business environment, these costs can be the difference between operating in the black and running in the red.

All workplaces that have employees are subject to CAL/OSHA.

From program audits, to complete and total solutions, we can help you as much as you desire or can afford. Our efforts are focused largely on small to medium sized firms that cannot afford to employ a safety person full time. Often this responsibility falls to someone whose lacks the expertise or time to accomplish the task. 

Businesses operate more efficiently when they implement effective safety and health management systems. 

Injuries and illnesses increase workers' compensation and retraining costs, absenteeism, and result in faulty end products. They also decrease productivity, morale, and profits. Examples of the direct benefits of implementing a safety and health program include a Fortune Five company increasing productivity by 13 percent, while a small 50-person plant decreased faulty end product and saved more than $265,000 in injury and workers compensation costs.

We can help take the guesswork out of workplace safety and health by providing training, workplace inspections, accident investigations, and expertise to help tailor solutions to meet your business needs.

We spend the time writing a customized workplace safety program tailored to your business so you don’t have to spend hours, or even days, researching the cryptic CCR’s and Title 8 Regulations. Furthermore, trying to decode which regulations apply and which regulations are really important is a time consuming task.

Simply put, we bring economy of scale to many clients making our expertise affordable for even the smallest employers.

Safety programs are a vital component in an integrative employee management solution. Workers Compensation costs are an important consideration that can significantly impact your ability to stay in business. We help you develop an effective and appropriate safety program to help keep your most valuable asset, your employees, protected and working.

Not only do we help your business comply with the law, we also will help you through the appeal process should you become a target of CAL/OSHA.

We help you separate the volumes of Federal and State regulations that pertain to your industry. We are here to help you plan, develop, and implement, a manageable and effective safety program. While CAL/OSHA’s general duty clause makes it impossible to completely eliminate every fineable regulation, we will help prepare you appropriately. With our help and experience we can help reduce or eliminate costly citations and penalties. 

With our reliable on-site service, we make it easier to achieve:

  1. A safer, more productive, work environment
  2. Increased employee morale and higher quality output
  3. An environmentally sound work place
  4. Reduced medical & worker's compensation costs
  5. Reduction or elimination of expensive CAL/OSHA, or Cal/EPA fines