About Us

Since 1999 our team has helped hundreds of companies navigate the regulatory process of complying with Cal/OSHA and Cal/EPA. Employee safety and hazardous materials management can be a daunting and overwhelming task. Safety compliance is usually a time consuming, "back burner" project for your employees. We help you put the elements of an Injury and Illness Prevention Program together, and design a comprehensive plan to suit your individual workplace needs. In developing your plan, we consider your company's immediate needs and help you provide for ongoing worker and employer protection. We can help you determine what is needed to make your environmental, health, and safety plans effective.

Our Compliance Representatives will work with you on a plan, and assist you in establishing procedures for making sure your program remains effective.

When Cal/OSHA citations are involved we help you deal with Cal/OSHA fairly and confidently. Don't be a victim of the system and don't pay for fines you don't have to. 

Don Carlisle, M.S., CSP, CSHM, CSSM

Senior Safety Professional

Don is a Board Certified Safety Professional, Certified Safety and Health Manager, and a Certified School Safety Manager, with over 15 years of experience managing and consulting in the environmental, health, and safety field.  His previous experience has included working as a Safety Officer for the County of Santa Cruz, and working in senior administration for the Health Departments in both Santa Cruz and Sonoma Counties. Previously, he worked as an Environmental, Health, and Safety Consultant in the Greater Los Angeles area, with a client base of over 400 companies in a broad spectrum of industries, including Manufacturing, Construction, Healthcare, Ergonomics, Agriculture, Office Environments, and Material Handling / Logistics.

Don’s passion is making it easy for businesses to comply with Environmental, Health, and Safety regulations. He takes great pride in seeing practically applied efforts continuously improve the workplace through increased productivity and enhanced job satisfaction. This translates to higher workplace morale and improved risk management.

Don’s education includes a Master of Science Degree in Finance and Applied Economics from the University of California, and Professional Certification in Occupational Safety and Health through the University of California OSHA Training Institute (UCOTI). Don is also a lecturer and instructor at the college level since 2008 and has taught courses in Economics, History, and Business at 5 different Colleges.

Don is also proud to have served 4 years in the US Coast Guard during the first Gulf War, where he flew into a hurricane, helped drug interdiction efforts on sea and in the air, and fixed an autopilot mid-flight (among other things).